Our Robotic Bird – Eneri


Bringing nature and technology together

What happens when nature and technology meet? ENERI brings the best of both worlds together. It's a modern and versatile robot that's built to serve.

Designed like a crow, this security device has robotic claws, cameras for eyes, and legs for easy take-off and landing.


Autonomous security is possible

ENERI represents the revolution in autonomous security. In autopilot mode, it can fly on its own, dominate and patrol the skies while you relax.

Autopilot assistance provides security and convenience, taking the hassle out of personal protection.


Your new security protocol

Our robotic bird is assembled using top-grade materials to ensure longevity. It's so easy to use that even kids can operate it.

ENERI helps you keep an eye on hard-to-see areas in your business or home. In fact, using it can be interactive, entertaining, and fun.

Endless Opportunities

Be the first to experience convenience and versatility with ENERI, the innovative flying robot. Pre-order now for endless possibilities at home or work.